• Piano Tuning

    Repairing or Rebuilding Your Piano? Michelle’s Piano Moving Company has two restoration locations in Portland, Oregon. We have a large and dedicated piano servicing staff who specialize in piano repair, finishing and rebuilding.

    Piano Tuning:

    We do in-home tuning and pitch raising. Tuning a piano yourself is not a simple process. Piano Tuning is a learned skill.

    Action Work:

    Regulation, hammer voicing / replacement, and repair sticking keys.

    Piano Cabinet repair, Piano Touch-Up and Piano Refinishing:

    We employ finish specialists. Make your piano shine again- like it once had. We offer full cabinet refinishing and restoration.

    Piano Wheels and Casters:

    Repair or replace wheels and install moving dollies.

    Piano Cleaning:

    Clean, recondition and restore your piano to original factory condition.

    Key Tops:

    Repair or replace your damaged key tops with new synthetic materials or vintage Ivory.

    Package Pricing:

    Since we move, refinish, rebuild/repair and sell pianos, we offer Special Package Prices. View our current Piano Storage Packages and Free Piano Services pages for more information.  For a quote call 503-295-1180 and or email: lotof@michellespiano.com.

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